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Safety equipment is part of the uniform in many lines of work. We offer a wide selection of crucial hi-vis gear to keep your staff at their conspicuous safest, as well as protective footwear and headwear must-haves.

Casual Footwear

Blizzard Safety Boot

£ 36.52 (ex-VAT)

Safety Footwear

Canton Boot (FD9209)

£ 83.00 (ex-VAT)

Safety Footwear

Carrick Safety Boot

£ 54.78 (ex-VAT)

Safety Footwear

Convex S1P Safety Hiker

£ 73.04 (ex-VAT)

Safety Footwear

Convex S1P Safety Trainer

£ 66.40 (ex-VAT)

Safety Footwear

Defence Safety Boot

£ 21.58 (ex-VAT)

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